Revision Revision Revision!

This week in mathematics we have been revising for our SATs. The focus has been on percentages and fractions. Our wonderful Year 6 children have been working together and helping each other to understand the different areas of fractions and percentages. What a team they make!


Fabulous fundraising fun!

This week in RE, Year 6 have been learning about the Kingdom of God. We looked at all the things that Christians do to help make the world a better place for those less fortunate than themselves.

The Year 6 pupils created posters to display around school showing other children how to make Kingsholm even better.

On Wednesday, a group of Year 6 children held a Pre-loved Toy Sale to raise money for Children with Cancer UK and Kingsholm school funds. They organized the whole event themselves and we are all incredibly proud of how they have happily given up a great deal of their free-time to help others. A huge ‘Well done’ to all seven children on the Toy Sale Team!

A Family Affair

In the afternoons, after a morning of exams, the children have been designing a coat of arms that reflects their families values and heritage. We looked at the meanings associated with different beasts and colours used on heraldry. We painted them in acrylic paint and will be adding details with pencil crayon then mounting them on black cardboard.

Pi Day

On March 14th, we celebrated Pi Day in our maths classes. Starting with an apple pie we investigated the ratio between the circumference and the diameter and found that (depending on the accuracy of the measurements) it was always around 3!

The Highwayman came riding – riding – riding

Tlot-tlot, tlot-tlot, did you hear him? On the cobbled stones last night?

This week, Year 6 have been learning about the classical, romantic poem of ‘The Highwayman’. They have been empathising with the characters, interpreting figurative language and stepping the story in preparation for next week.

Why not give your child to give a dramatic reading of the poem. What would you have done if you were Tim?

Raving ratio investigation

After an introductory session on calculating ratio, two of our Year 6 maths classes have been completing a ratio investigation…

‘Most people are seven times taller than the length of their foot’

What do you think?

The children were using rulers and meter sticks to measure their height and length. With this information, they had to divide their height by the length of their foot; the answer is then put into a ratio of ‘answer:1′.

The majority of the results proved the statement to be true and the children thoroughly enjoyed the process of identifying their height and foot length – there were even a few anomalies!

The amazing Kingsholm grasslands!

We took advantage of the spring sunshine and investigated Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The children carried out an experiment to monitor how the populations of different coloured ‘grass-worms’ changed over successive seasons.

We applied our findings to what we have learnt about Natural Selection and the survival of the fittest. ‘Worms’ that were well adapted to life in the Kingsholm grass-lands survived and their offspring benefitted from the same adaptations leading to a change in the worm population over many generations.